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This is my personal website, I shall post here random pages about random stuff, mostly about gamedev, coding(mostly in Rust, and maybe in C) and probably some politics and morality(or immorality in our world).

Thoughts are usually my own(unless noted otherwise), and as of the date(if present) on the relevant page.
I do not garuntee my thoughts and ideas won't change with time, since as (sadly) only a human being, I shall grow and change (hopefully for the better) as time progress.

Also, if no date was provided you can check the last edit of said page in the gitea repository.


My name is Aviv, but I go by the name Rusty(Striker(TheFirst)) online, I like the Rust programming language, have shitty takes, and know the world I was given is broken and immoral(hopefully we could change it one day)


Programming, gaming, 3D printing, and cooking(not necessarily in that order)

Programming: Usually in Rust(as stated above), but I might also do embedded C stuff (oNcE i GeT tO iT), My current projects(as of 12/9/22) are: lazy_knight(a 2d game), command_injector(the html helper used for this website), shape_maker(2d level editor built around drawing random shapes, made it for lazy_knight originally) and gitea_executor(simple build server for gitea based on make)
and yes, they are all in rust...
Also, I plan on getting more and more into embedded programming, currently I want to make a standalone "VR Controllers", to play VR-like games but without actual VR(kinda like wii games but on PC and open source and no need to get a wii remote)

Gaming: Mostly shooters(almost entirely shooters to be fair), but I also enjoy platformers(and a good combination of them is top notch).
pretty much the reason I want to develop games is to create the games *I* want to play, and open sourcing them is really neat because now I dont need to care about marketing and everything, because I just dont care(not like imma make money out of it anyway...)

3D Printing: I got myself a Creatily Ender 3 v2 3D printer, and boi is it fun(and noisy), but I really enjoy dealing with it and printing stuff. My designing skills are not as good as I would like, but I manage the basics that I currently need(while printing cool models from thingiverse)

Cooking: By cooking I also mean baking, but in general, the process of creating something tasty is just fun. Cooking specifically is kinda a must skill imho, since it is such a helpful skill, which also spices your meals :). And baking is also really fun, you do some (usually) simple steps, and BAM you now have cookies!

I thought I will have more to write here(as of 14/5/22)...