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Gluten Free Alcohol



This list is something my SO made, she has celiac and wanted to check what alcohol brands she can actually drink, because if you ever had to check, you might know there is little to no info on the bottles...


This list is provided as is, without any liability, and drink items contained in the list on your own risk!

While I will provide evidence to all the items on the list, take everything with a grain of salt, and if going to a pub, they might always be able to "spice" your drink with another alcohol.

This list might be missing some items, as I won't put any item without proof.

I do not have any rights to any of the brands/types listed here, and if you represent a company which wishes to be taken off the list, send my a mail(bottom of the page) and I will remove it

While searching on the brands, I found a couple more amazing lists(made by people more capable than me probably):

  • Gluten bee - Use at your own risk!
  • (well I found 1 actually good list, if you have more feel free to share)

  • Tequila

    100% Blue agave Tequila is gluten free, but be wary of Tequila with another type of alcohol in it.
    I couldn't find statements from the brands, so check out gluten bee's list if you want to be sure.


    Jack Daniel's*
    Chivas Regal*

    *Made from gluten containing ingredients


    Tito's (written in the bottom of the page)
    Smirnoff - In their website under products, some have a GF mark while other don't, which(as far as I have seen) matches this list, so remember to check your labels!
    Stoli gluten free - Other Stoli products aren't certified!
    Grey Goose - Made from gluten containing ingredients.
    Cold river


    Cold river


    Rum is made from molasses, which means it(usually) doesn't contain gluten. Be wary of flavoured rum!
    Once again, not a lot about it so gluten bee it is!




    Beer is made from grains, so most of the time it indeed contains gluten. There are a number of brands which make gluten free beer, and usually will mark their bottles as well.
    Be wary tho, some beers are made gluten free by "gluten reduction", which breaks gluten(this some might still feel shit after drinking them), I couldn't find satisfactory level of information about it sadly, so avoid it if you don't want to take a risk.


    *Made from gluten containing ingredients and goes a "gluten reduction" process

    If you have any corrections/additions/a company that do/doesn't want to be listed here, just send a mail to