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Welcome, to my WEBSITE!

Welcome to my awesome website, I will Attempt to learn html using it, and you can view my progress here(i guess)...

Why am i doing this for myself? Because it is about time I learn to make websites (and i want to really know how bad js is and if ts is actually any good)

Imma do a lot of dumb shit here, like not centering this text.
And also giving it different colors

But enough with the games!


A button

Now imma make a slider, which may or may not do something extre
Only one way to find out!

And now, I will attempt to animate this paragraph

The last animation was made using the `setInterval` and `clearInterval` built in function, but this one will use the `animate` built in function (I really hope it works well)

This is indeed MUCH MUCH better. BUT, it is experimental and not supported on everything or something (like Safari, and also IE but that is deprecated).
Basically you can set keyframes, and pass some more stuff, but most noteable you dont need to store the id of the interval anywhere and you can simply fire and forget (but just in case you can give it an id which is great)

This page is getting crowded so imma attemp at creating an hyper link to another page on the site
I am really not sure how it works